Where can Air Conditioning Heat Pumps be installed?

Answer – Anywhere that requires full climate control at a touch of a button. Please see below all the types of premises and businesses that could benefit from our services:

  • Domestic Home – Bedrooms, Conservatories, All Other rooms,
  • Garden Rooms, log Cabins, Caravans, Garages
  • Beauty Salon, Physiotherapy, Hairdressers and Barbers
  • Gym, Home Gym’s, other sports facilities
  • Server/Computer Rooms
  • Medical practices, Dental Surgeries, Veterinary
  • Offices, Meeting Rooms, Receptions, Waiting Rooms
  • Retail Shops, Show Rooms

The above list is only a small fraction of premises/companies that can benefit from Air Conditioning Heat Pumps. The fact is that every premises/company could benefit, if you have not read the ‘What ‘ – What are the benefits’ page on our website, please continue onto this page and you will see just why any premises can benefit with the main reason being Air Conditioning is renewable energy, and is cheaper than alternatives such as central heating and comes with the added bonus of cooling function, giving you full climate control 24/7 365 days of the year.

If you wish to find out more or seek FREE advice or a FREE quotation, please call today on 07547692363 or email info@atlasheatandcool.com


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