Who Can benefit from having Air Conditioning Heat Pump installed? Short answer = anyone. Whether you struggle to sleep during the night because of the temperature, or whether you’re looking for a cheaper alternative to central heating with the added bonus of cooling in the summer months, anyone can benefit.

Maybe you have a conservatory or garden room you barely use because its to warm in the summer and to cold in the winter months, installing air conditioning can help with these problems, and as air conditioning is renewable energy, it is much more cost effective than central heating or electrical appliances such as oil filled radiators.

Businesses can also benefit from air conditioning, keep your customers feeling comfortable as well as your staff, boost productivity and engagement amongst employees.

Do you have a server/computer room? If so air conditioning could reduce the risk of the equipment shutting down and failing which would result in a costly inconvenience.

Pets can also benefit from air conditioning, if left indoors all day whilst you are at work this can be very dangerous and in this case this is where we strongly suggest and recommend you look into this service if not with our selves then with another reputable company. Call on 07547692363 today and Atlas will provide you with FREE advice and FREE quotations.



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